Company Profile

Jem Archaeology was established in 2012 by Director/Principal Archaeologist/Heritage Advisor Jen Burch to provide professional, ethical and affordable cultural heritage management advice and assessments for a range of clients. Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Jem Archaeology provides the full range of archaeological investigations and heritage consulting advice across Victoria. The team at Jem Archaeology is highly respected and collectively has over 30 years’ experience in the Victorian heritage management industry.

We take pride in our willingness and ability to provide transparent, honest and concise advice to each and every client – our aim is to provide the right advice every time to the best of our expert ability. We strive to minimise unnecessary costs and delays wherever possible and never charge for initial advice regarding project requirements. Our deep understanding of the legislative frameworks under which we operate and detailed knowledge of the landscapes we work in means our trusted Archaeologists/Heritage Advisors have the ability to identify risks and opportunities and provide straightforward and pragmatic advice for every project.

At Jem Archaeology, we strive to undertake every project in a way that balances the requirements of the relevant legislation and the needs of each client and project, whilst respecting and adhering to the needs and requirements of all relevant stakeholders, undertaking appropriate archaeological investigations and treating the management of identified cultural heritage places with the utmost respect.

In doing so, we have created and continue to maintain excellent working relationships with relevant stakeholders including Registered Aboriginal Parties and Traditional Owner organisations across Victoria, together with regulatory bodies such as First Peoples – State Relations and Heritage Victoria. These relationships enable our team to provide innovative solutions to complex projects which acknowledge the importance of cultural heritage whilst providing commercially valuable project outcomes.


Cultural heritage
legislative advice


Detailed and rapid
responses to


Accurate scoping and
costing of projects


Technical reports to
meet legislative


Completion of


Analysis of archaeological
sites and cultural heritage

“Jen Burch of Jem Archaeology has provided clear and precise advice, has identified and addressed issues in a practical, transparent and ethical manner and has provided incredible value for money. She has vast knowledge of cultural management and heritage issues, has great rapport with Indigenous parties and has the capacity to efficiently identify and deal with issues that arise. Jen delivers speedy, cost efficient and ethical outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending Jen Burch and Jem Archaeology to any group or organisation dealing with matters within her area of expertise.”

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