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Jem Archaeology Pty Ltd offers the following services:

  • Archaeological assessments and cultural heritage legislative advice
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs)
  • Historical Heritage Assessments (HHAs)
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Tests (PAHTs)
  • Background research (Desktop Assessment)
  • Archaeological survey (Standard Assessment)
  • Archaeological test excavation (Complex Assessment)
  • Archaeological salvage excavation
  • Archaeological monitoring
  • Aboriginal and historical artefact recording, analysis and interpretation (specialising in Aboriginal stone artefacts)
  • Aboriginal and historical archaeological site identification, recording, interpretation and significance assessment
  • Permit and Consent to Disturb applications
  • Stakeholder consultation with clients, landowners, regulatory bodies, Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs), RAP applicants, traditional owners, Native Title holders and other stakeholders
  • Risk and opportunities assessments
  • Peer reviews
  • Development of recommendations in accordance with relevant legislation and stakeholder interests
  • Cultural heritage awareness training/inductions
  • Compliance inspections

Jem Archaeology

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