Ashton Sinamai


Ashton Sinamai is an Archaeologist with over 26 years’ experience in archaeological research, heritage management, teaching and training in heritage studies in Zimbabwe, Namibia United Kingdom and Australia. Though he has specialised in the Iron Age of Southern Africa, his work within museums has afforded him experience in working with stone age collections from various periods. Ashton has managed and worked on over 70 development projects including dam construction, residential and commercial developments, road and rail projects, pipeline projects and wind farms.

Ashton has experience in a variety of tasks including project management, background research, archaeological survey, sub surface testing and salvage excavation, supervision of field work programs, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal historical site identification, recording and photography, site significance assessment, stone tool analysis and historical artefact recording, analysis and interpretation. He also has experience in communication, collaboration and consultation with regulatory bodies (Aboriginal Victoria [AV], Registered Aboriginal Parties [RAPs] and Traditional Owners) and preparation of desktop, standard and complex Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP)

He has published books and papers on heritage impact assessment, indigenous archaeologies, cultural landscapes and intangible heritage and is also a specialist on dry stone walling.  His most recent book is Memory and Cultural Landscapes at the Khami World Heritage Site: An Uninherited Past published by Routledge (London) in 2019. Ashton is also rostered as an expert representative for the UNESCO Cultural Emergency Unit.

Ashton’s formal qualifications and memberships are as follows:

• Doctor of Philosophy, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, Deakin University;
• Master of Arts, Cultural Heritage/Public History (cum laude) University of the Western Cape, South Africa;
• Bachelor of Arts, Special Honours, Archaeology, University of Zimbabwe;
• Bachelor of Arts General, Archaeology and History University of Zimbabwe;
• Member World Archaeological Congress;
• Member ICOMOS International;
• Expert Member International Committee for on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM);
• Member Society for Africanist Archaeologist (SAfA); and
• Member International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA).