Brian Porrett


Brian Porrett is a fully qualified Archaeologist who has worked in the Victorian heritage management industry for over two years. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology at The College of Wooster, USA in 2014. His thesis explored the role of defensive city fortifications and trade relationships between city state societies and larger empires in the Levant during the Early Bronze age. His research included data personally collected during two excavation seasons at Tel es-Safi, Israel.

In Australia, Brian has excavated both historical archaeological sites and Aboriginal places in Victoria and Western Australia. He is experienced in archaeological survey, manual and mechanical sub surface testing and salvage excavation (including cemetery excavation), recording and photographing Aboriginal places and historical sites, lithic recording and analysis and consultation with Aboriginal groups and other relevant stakeholders.

Brian’s formal qualification is as follows:

• Bachelor of Arts majoring in Archaeology and minoring in History, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, USA (2014)