Calum Ryan

Heritage Advisor

Calum Ryan is an Archaeologist/HA who has worked in the Victorian heritage management industry for more than five years. Calum holds a Bachelor of Archaeology (Honours) (2018) from La Trobe University and has experience in a variety of tasks, including background research, archaeological survey, sub surface testing and salvage excavation, supervision of field work programs, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal historical site identification, recording and photography, flaked stone artefact recording, analysis and interpretation, communication and consultation with clients, landowners and RAPs and other Aboriginal corporation and community representatives and preparation of desktop, standard and complex CHMPs.

Prior to joining Jem Archaeology, Calum was a supervising archaeologist on the extensive South West Loddon Pipeline project within the Loddon Shire municipality. In that role, he was responsible for day-to-day project management and supervision, planning and leadership of Standard and Complex Assessments. Since joining Jem Archaeology, Calum has worked on more than 100 projects for a variety of clients and developments, including residential and industrial subdivisions, education facilities, multi dwelling developments, utility installations, road construction and commercial developments.

Calum’s formal qualifications and memberships are as follows:

• Bachelor of Archaeology (Honours), La Trobe University, Bundoora (2018); and

• Membership of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (AAA).