Emily Evans

Heritage Advisor

Emily Evans is an Archaeologist/HA who has worked in the Victorian heritage management industry for more than two years. Emily’s Masters project involved the analysis of vertebrate faunal remains from within anthropogenic shell middens located in Weipa, North Queensland. Emily has been involved in international archaeological projects including excavation of Etruscan sites in Italy and a Late Minoan IIIc/Archaic period settlement in Crete, Greece. Emily has worked on more than 200 projects for a variety of clients and developments, including residential subdivisions, multi dwelling developments, utilities installations, road construction and commercial developments.

Emily has experience in a variety of tasks, including background research archaeological survey, sub surface testing and salvage excavation, supervision of field work programs, Aboriginal site identification, recording and photography, faunal recording and analysis communication and consultation with clients, landowners and RAPs and other Aboriginal corporation and community representatives and preparation of desktop, standard and complex CHMPs.

Emily’s formal qualifications and memberships are as follows:

• Bachelor of Arts majoring in Archaeology and Ancient History (Honours), Monash University, Clayton, (2014);

• Masters of Archaeology and Heritage Management, Flinders University, Adelaide (2020); and

• Membership of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (AAA).