Talia Green

Heritage Advisor

Talia Green is an Archaeologist /HA with over three years’ experience in the Victorian heritage industry. Talia has worked on and managed a variety of consulting projects including residential and commercial developments, pipelines, Precinct Structure Plans, water management and road and rail projects in the form of CHMP’s, PAHTs, Aboriginal and Historical Heritage Assessments, Due Diligence Assessments, Historical Assessments, and excavation of Aboriginal places.

Talia is experienced in a wide variety of tasks including project management, background research, due diligence assessments, Aboriginal and historical heritage assessments, archaeological survey, sub surface testing and salvage excavation, Aboriginal and historical site identification, site recording and photography, preparation of Aboriginal and historical site cards, site significance assessments, development of recommendations to mitigate the impact of development upon Aboriginal heritage, analysis and interpretation, communication and consultation with regulatory bodies (Aboriginal Victoria [AV] and Heritage Victoria [HV]), clients, landowners and Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs), and preparation of desktop, standard and complex Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans.

Talia completed her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of New England in 2017, majoring in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, and completed her Honours degree in 2018 where she specialized in Zooarchaeology. Talia’s research focused on reconstructing the diet of a human population from Colonia-era Sydney by analyzing the butchery patterns on sheep remains, and subsequently relating dietary preference and resource availability to different socio-economic classes inhabiting colonial Sydney. Talia has spent time working in forensic archaeology/bioarchaeology in Cyprus where she worked in the excavation, exhumation, skeletal analysis and repatriation of modern humans remains. Talia is currently a PhD Candidate in Bioarchaeology at the University of New England where her currently research is focused on the analysis of non-metric traits of the crania as a tool for ancestry evaluation in a modern Greek-Cypriot population.

Talia is trained in historical and Indigenous artefact analysis, faunal and human remains analysis and has experience in project management, report production, standard and complex heritage assessment and salvage operations across Victoria. Talia’s formal qualifications area as follows:

• Bachelor of Science (Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology), University of New England (2017);

• Honours in Archaeology (Zooarchaeology), University of New England (2018); and

• PhD Candidate, University of New England (in progress).